Don’t look any further for an officiant!

Susan Harte was absolutely wonderful! She personalized the ceremony and engaged the guests during the celebration. She was very prepared and made the newlyweds very comfortable. We could not have asked for a better officiant.


Dear Susan,

Pat and I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful and heartfelt ceremony you gave for our wedding. I really feel it was meant for us to find you to be our celebrant. We both feel we have found a friend! Please keep in touch.

With Love and Thanks,

Joanna & Pat

Absolutely perfect!

Susan Harte from Journeys of the Heart is so amazing – she took two people that had no idea what to do or what to expect and led us professionally and compassionately through the entire process – from planning to the big day itself.  She created a soul inspiring ceremony that truly spoke to the hearts of all involved, and made my husband and I feel safe, joyous, and heard.  Susan made our day!

Jennifer & Eric

Susan was wonderful, so patient with us and allowed us to easily put together a secular sermon. Additionally she was patient as we edited the final draft and came up with our story to share with family and friends. I couldn’t have asked for any better officiant

Sarah & Bo

Wonderful Ceremony with Susan Harte!

We worked with Susan Harte to officiate our wedding and she was wonderful. We had a wide selection of officiants to choose from with Journeys of the Heart but once we met Susan, we hit it off and knew she was perfect for us. She did an amazing job on our wedding, was very patient with us as we put together our vision for the ceremony. She helped us bring our tree planting ritual to life and it’s one of my favorite moments of my wedding day. I would highly recommend working with Susan!

Janelle & Bret

We contacted Journeys of the Heart in a panic when a late snowstorm threatened our original officiant’s attendance. I heard back from ‘Diane’ almost immediately and was instantly put at ease. I wish that I could rate them a 10 stars out of 5. We quickly came up with a plan, and Susan Harte (lovely name for a wedding officiant!) worked with us on timing, vows, ideology, and insight. She could not have been more perfect for us in any situation, let alone this one. We are two men in our mid 50s who needed a simple but meaningful ceremony. We discussed options for vows, but frankly she ‘got it’ from the very beginning and we made very few changes. She was pleasant and professional, flexible and perfectly on time. The fee was very reasonable and appropriate. We would highly recommend Susan, Diane, and Journeys of the Heart to anyone.


Susan Harte with Journeys of the Heart was fantastic!! The moment we met her, she made us feel very comfortable. She walked us through her process and heard our story in detail. She took copious amounts of notes. We wanted to incorporate elements of a Hindu marriage ritual into a western style ceremony. We shared a few ideas with her but we didn’t know exactly how to do this fusing of styles. A few days later she sent over a first draft of the ceremony and had done quite a bit more research into the Hindu traditions we wanted. After we reviewed and slightly edited the first draft, we were pretty much done! We knew we were in good hands from the start, but her thoroughness and thoughtfulness really came through in the days leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day. She made the two of us, our family, and our friends that were part of the ceremony feel welcome and at ease. Thank you, Susan, for officiating our wedding. We’re so grateful to you and Journeys of the Heart. Highly recommend!

Sam & Chris

Hi Diane and Susan,

I hope you are both doing well! Over the past month and a half, we can’t even tell you how many times we told the story of how you saved the day for our wedding! It truly means the world to us that you were able to help and work with us on the most special day of our lives.

Susan was such a joy to work with, she got everything organized, in order, and just in time to swoop in and make all of my family members cry! We received so many compliments on her ceremony and how truly heartfelt it was, and that was only having contact with you for two days before! Not only that, we received our marriage license in a flash — all thanks to her diligence! We wish we would have made the decision to go with your company from the start, but we are so grateful for both of your dedication to this business and were completely honored to have you officiate our ceremony, even if we did learn the hard way!

So, we apologize for the lateness in saying this, but thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The day would not have been the same without Susan and Journeys of the Heart. We will most definitely be recommending you to ALL of our friends, near and far! Please keep in touch and enjoy the photos!

October 2015

Nicole & Justin Mannon

Journeys of the Heart ended up officiating our wedding as part of a happy accident. With only 48 hours before our ceremony at Please Touch Museum in front of 225 people, our original officiant essentially left us at the altar. We found out just after midnight on the Friday morning before our Saturday wedding. In a panic, I sent an email out to Journeys of the Heart with the hopes that they could perform a small miracle. Not 10 minutes after I sent my e-mail, did I receive a response from Diane, telling me to rest easy, I was in good hands, and I would be taken care of. Thanks to Journeys of the Heart, we had lined up our new officiant, Susan Harte, between 12:00 AM and 10:00 AM on Friday, the day before our wedding. Diane’s quick action and Susan’s flexibility even allowed for us to have the pleasure of meeting Susan on Friday evening at our rehearsal dinner. She took the time to come meet us so we could put a face to the name, and so we could meet the person who would be a part of such a momentous occasion in our lives. Susan was incredibly sweet, understanding, flexible, and she helped guide us toward a more well-rounded ceremony, as we had to write our own ceremony thanks to the inaction of a company whose name will not be mentioned. Journeys of the Heart helped wipe the slate clean of the awful preceding company to ensure that we could move on with the rest of the planning for our big day.

Susan’s experience during the ceremony shone through, she helped guide us where to be and when, without ever making it apparent that this was a spur-of-the-moment incident. We were completely in her hands and she confidently and flawlessly delivered. We cannot thank Journeys of the Heart enough for their prompt action and amazing professionalism in such a pinch!

Tea & Andrew

Amazing and Caring

From the start, Susan was invested in learning about us and who we were as people and as a couple. She rejoiced in hearing our story, getting to know us over a series of phone calls, emails and in person. We were married in Philadelphia, but not from the area. That did not stop Susan from being present and meeting us in a random number of places from our hotel to the Wegman’s coffee shop.

She was an integral and amazing part of our day, but more importantly the preparation for our wedding. She was critical in helping us devise a ceremony that brought together the best of who we are. She was creative in working with us on the components and parts of our ceremony that made it so unique. In addition, she collaborated with each of us individually, helping us draft our vows.

Overall, we could not have asked for a more special person to officiate and bring us together on our day. Many of our friends and family remarked how Susan contributed to making it an incredibly moving and memorable experience.

Catherine & Robert

Susan was witty and perfect

Susan Harte officiated our wedding. She really expressed the love between us. All the way from the very first draft, I knew we were in good hands. Susan was the perfect person for our big day and her cute bride and groom selfie at the end made us love her even more!

Amanda & Chris