Journeys of the Heart ( believes that your personal privacy is important, and has implemented this Privacy Policy as a means of proving our dedication to your privacy. It also serves as a reminder of how we use (or do not use) personal information that we receive from the website.

Please make sure to review this Privacy Policy before proceeding to the website, because by continuing to do so you consent that you agree to the conditions contained therein.

Journeys of the Heart hereby reserves all rights to adjust or modify this Privacy Policy and all listed information collection practices, without prior notice, and without need of a specified reason. This notice applies only to information collected via the website, and not from any other source. Under no circumstances should the information presented by this Privacy Policy be interpreted, understood, or hinted at in any contract, agreement, or contract-related responsibility with anyone who browses, downloads, or has dealings with the website, or who e-mails and/or other personally identifiable information to Journeys of the Hearth by using our website or any other means of contact.

Personal Information Collection

Generally speaking, when someone visits our site and clicks on information, they will be anonymous. In addition, some information collected comes to us through e-mails that we originate or through e-bulletins or newsletters that we have prepared. On occasion, personal information that we have been given involuntarily could be mingled with information from third-party sources, with the intention of making our services more convenient to our members. Nevertheless, we will never combine information for advertisement reasons.

This website often requires a person to register in order to view specific tools or features, or to present services that require personalization. This information can include a real name and/or e-mail address. Any contact information provided via order forms or membership forms will only be used to fill orders or give information about the company to you, or to request payment for services and/or products. If we need to contact you for any reason concerning an order or bill, we use this contact information. We offer the opportunity to opt out of receiving this type of contact in our member’s section. In the future, users who have opted out will be contacted only using information provided for bill collection purposes.

Rest assured that your information will never be provided to any third-party company or individual without your express permission. Using the opt-out feature, you may choose at any time to stop getting our materials. After registration, all newsletters and/or bulletins posted will present recipients with unsubscribe or opt-out information.

Collection of Statistical Information

We gather demographic information on various parts of the website, including statistics that contain anonymous information. Our website logs your IP address only for administration reasons, and these are used in order to track a visitor’s session. This lets us determine what parts of our website people visit, and allows us to see areas where we need to improve or modify content in order to reach the target audience. We never link this IP address with personally identifiable information. In other words, your session is tracked, but you may still remain anonymous. However, anonymous information may be used on occasion for informational or marketing purposes to non-profit organizations to foster sponsorships. Nonetheless, personal information is never included to any of these individuals.

Privacy Protection

We will do everything possible to ensure your privacy while you visit our website. Any information that you give to use may be shared with authorized personnel of Journeys of the Heart, and used to answer questions, for marketing or research purposes, or to meet your needs. We promise never to loan, sell, or divulge any personal information to companies that we are not affiliated with without your consent, written or otherwise, unless we are not required to have permission by law. We will keep all information secure according to this Privacy Policy and the confidentiality clauses contained herein.

Unless obligated by law, we will never release your personal information to third-party companies or people outside of Journeys of the Heart without your prior approval.

At times, we must provide certain personal information in order to make certain services available to registered users, such as customer support options, or mailing preferences updates. On these occasions, we operate under the understanding that any/all third parties will also act in a manner that keeps this personal information confidential.

We offer links to a variety of third party sites, but are not legally responsible for any content contained therein. We do not manage these sites, so we advise you to look over their respective Privacy Policies before using the website.

Privacy of Children

We try not to gather any information from underage sources, but any information given voluntarily will only be used in accordance with the law and/or for internal purposes. Without the express approval of a parent or appropriate individual, we will not lease, sell, or disclose any registration information offered to us.

Anyone who is determined to be under the age of thirteen will not be permitted to use our site, and any user profile created will be deleted. We will never intentionally collect information from a minor under thirteen years old, and will delete any information from a minor completely from our database.

As parents, we encourage parents to surf the Internet with their children. Parents who do so will then have knowledge regarding what websites their children frequent, and which may be inappropriate. Where feasible, parents should utilize tools such as web browsers and software that filters content, so that children are not permitted to access inappropriate websites. Children should be instructed never to disclose information such as their names, addresses, phone or cell phone numbers, or where they attend school unless they have received approval from their parents or other responsible person. Make sure that you review all Privacy Policies to discover how this information will/could be used before allowing a child to enter any information, and teach children to do the same.

Cookie Use

Cookies are used by many websites (including ours) to let that website be tailored to suit the specific customer. They work by putting a very small packet of information on your hard drive that tracks navigation and stores the information tracked. Most Internet browsers offer tools that allow users to either 1. Opt out of receiving cookies, or 2. Request permission to receive the cookie. Contact your service provider or software manufacturer to learn what your browser is capable of.

Can Personal Information Be Updated or Changed?

We welcome the opportunity to keep your information as up to date as possible. Make use of e-mail efforts, telephone contact, or conventional mail to contact our staff members (as mentioned in our newsletters and/or bulletins).

Opt-Out Option

You may choose to opt out of receiving our communications at any time by contacting us at or following the unsubscribe instructions in our e-mails. Make sure to include the types of information that you no longer wish to receive. We will honor your request and remove you from mailing lists as soon as possible.

Forums, Message Boards, and/or Discussion Boards

Remember that any/all information posted to a forum, message board, or discussion board immediately becomes viewable to the public.

Future Updates

Journeys of the Heart welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy. As new technologies and features become available on our website, we may make amendments to this Privacy Policy. Any such modifications will be posted here for your consideration.

Contacting Our Privacy Administrator

You may choose to send an e-mail to