Memorials & Funeral - Journeys of the Heart

Memorials and funerals are among the most important events in a family’s history.  Decisions made at a time of grief and loss have the ability to bring everyone closer for all time, as well as to assuage each one’s individual grief.  We seek to create a service that is personal, tender, uplifting and only exactly as you wish.

Our process to a carefully planned funeral or memorial service:

A warm, skilled and caring officiant will talk or meet with the loved ones to discuss ideas and plans for a personal and appropriate service. Resources are shared as well as stories and information about the deceased so the ceremony can be as intimate as is wished.

The ceremony is created with a shared process, including the participation of loved ones.

Family and friends gather in a caring and comforting setting and together share in a spiritually appropriate, carefully created service conducted by the officiant. Celebrating the life and honoring the memory of the deceased while not denying the sorrow of the occasion can be heartening and significant.

We truly believe that even in the face of deep loss, a beautiful memorial service can help make it possible to step into life caring even more genuinely about one other in tribute to the memory of our deceased loved one. Journeys of the Heart officiants are adept and guiding you through this wonderful process and service with kindness, compassion and care.