Patricia Larish was absolutely amazing to work with leading up to our wedding and on our rehearsal day and wedding day. She gave us such great attention and made us feel completely as ease. She provided us with great resources for what the day would be like and what we’d need to do before and after for marriage licenses, name changes, etc.

Patricia was always responsive when we reached out to her and she was not only kind, thoughtful and flexible, but we also felt as though she really “got us” in the limited time we had with her. We truly felt cared for by Patricia and could feel and see her joy for us throughout the process and on our wedding day.

Thank you so much for helping us to connect with her. We both agreed that our day wouldn’t have been as wonderful as it was if she hadn’t been the special person to join us in marriage.

Casey & Sean

My husband, Eric, and I wanted a brief, yet personal ceremony surrounded by our closest friends and family.  I knew that Patricia would be a perfect fit on our wedding day. Despite a rain delay and venue change as a result, Patricia remained flexible and professional.  She officiated beautifully.  Her words and actions were genuine, sincere and heartfelt. Before pronouncing us husband and wife, Patricia spoke specifically to the events of the day and what she knew of Eric and I as a couple.  It was personal, touching and perfect in every way.

Laura & Eric